Thursday, 17 April 2008

My digital layout sketches:


Other Character:

My theme or concept:

My ideas and concept is relates to personal websites in the regarding ‘illuminated ideas, inspirational illusions, illiterately splashed, in an installation of change, and I constantly involve myself in irregular incidents that lead to impossible possibilities’And then, I create my own character that traffic in emotions are common includes deal with topics like lost love, sadness, despairs, desolation, experiences and so on. I am shown my sketch appendix as below:

3. My Layout Sketches

2. My Layout Sketches:

1. My Layout Sketches:

START to my planning internet design artefact

This appendix which my draft out your ideas and concept:

I am finding some sites that effectively achieve the things that help enhance to my own website to development of my own internet design artefact. Thus, I am learned about some of bad web design from ‘the 10 Worst Web Sites of 2007’ because sites as point out the common faults in web design. However, I start to draft your ideas and do layout sketches for a variety of ideas to digital or/ and execute. And then I have to compile my work using Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Flash CS3, and Dreamweaver. On the other hand, I am required to produce regarding main entry page, menu page (home page), and three content pages including digital resume, portfolio of your previous works, and my experience at Liverpool (800 x 600 screen resolution). For that reason, I do research on the concept and also find references to aid your production. For example, I am visits to some good web design or bad website design examples relations my own Internet design artefact’s concept in which is collection researches. I also have shown some appendix below: