Sunday, 30 March 2008

I start to create" my own blogs"......

BLOGS... offers a convenient and flexible medium for compiling research in a diary format because blogs can be launched within a workplace, a team and enterprise-wide. For that reason, blogs according to Ojala is “the role of the information professional in regard to knowledge management blogging can be that of support or creation” (Ojala, 2005: 269). This is shows that blogs help enhance users’ website and will improve users’ readers experience. For example, I dislike join or register to any web hosting as blogs, but I am more likely visit to my friends’ blogs.

Woow... from different writer of blogs (called bloggers)- my friends or my classmates blogs.

...... because I am find most interesting about more people using blogs on the Internet is a different way of view from personal diary post or modify their own blog to record personal events, emotions and creativity, especially my friends’ blog.

...... for example, might includes different language (Chinese, Melayu and English), and was to be personal dairy of events.

So, I want to create “my own blog” which was to be used as research activities in regard to development diary of research and construction of my own internet design artefact, because the work of Ojala has suggested that “academic, government, corporate and public librarians have used blogs to enhance their visibility to their constituents, promote information services, and raise awareness of internal and external knowledge” (Ojala, 2005: 269).

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